The move is complete but, due to other projects, we are still behind the 8 ball. Currently working on a track for Kyosho dNaNos and Epochs!

Are you an RC Car racing enthusiast in Milwaukee or Southeastern Wisconsin interested in Mini and Micro RC cars like Mini-Zs, xMods, iWavers or Firelap Nanoracers or an RC Rock Crawling convert looking for an indoor venue during the cold months?

Coming soon, a track for your Kyosho dNaNo or Epoch 1/43 scale racers!

Come, join us for fun and competition on a professional radio control race track
and indoor rock crawling course on the East Side of Milwaukee.

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We have a dedicated space for the track in a 1600 sq/ft facility. The track and associated usable space is about 800 sq/ft and the track can occupy an area of about 18 x 30 feet depending on the layout. In addition we have, and are actively updating, a sizable RC Rock Crawling course currently suitable for Losi’s great 1/18th Mini Rock Crawler but possibly suitable for 2.2 rigs in the future.

At this time we are a club with specific hours for racing and practice. Check the schedule for info on when and where we are racing.

We are always looking for anyone who thinks they might enjoy sharing a fun filled, yet competitive racing and crawling environment with us. Above all we are here to have fun.

We have a Professional Race Track.
(visit for more info on the track)

We also have a state of the art Core Speedway Lap Timing System.

While we do have a good, permanent location we are open to taking the track to other locations around Southeastern Wisconsin. Shoot me a note if you have an idea!


Drivers during our OLPS Races.


We run Mini-Z Overlands too!


One of the How Fast Are You? Time Trial Layouts.

A Losi Mini Rock Crawler on the indoor course

A Losi Mini Rock Crawler on the indoor course